What am I doing here?

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What am I doing here? One of the most hostile and isolated areas in the world ? Where summer is like winter and winter is like….you don’t even want to think about it .Where a beautiful clear sky turns into black purple massive squall clouds in a few minutes. Bringing rain, hail and huge gusts. In “summer” !

With “friends” like these, who needs enemies?

The weather charts show a congregation of Lows, gathering all together here just before Cape Horn like hyena’s gathering before the kill. They come down from North, they arrive from the West, some come up from the South and even some have crossed over the Andes mountains, crossed South America and sneak back into the gathering from East ! Hyena’s !

And all the time it is as if the Southern Ocean is conspiring to not let me go. For days now where it should have been blowing there is hardly wind so not much progress, weather charts and grib files cannot keep up with the pace of change happening in reality. Planning and routing has become a joke. When will I finally pass the Horn?

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, blowing in the wind.

It must have been somewhere on this unmeasurably big, lonely and unreliable patch of water that in the 60-ies a French soloracer decided that enough was too many, left the race, turned 90* left and sailed to Polynesia, to the sun, the warm water, the friendly people, the pure life …to Paradise !

From Hell to Paradise, it can be done. In the same ocean. and it takes just a few weeks.
So our soloracer / hippie goes North and anchors up on a nice beach. Goes ashore, talks to the village eldest and builds himself a grand straw hut.

Quite big for a man alone……
Well this guy is not planning on “alone”. After finishing the hut he befriends the local village leader and manages to make the villagers accept to bring him 20 young girls. The guy in the end dies of exhaustion …… But he becomes a cult figure and many French sailors leave France in junky boats, living like hippies, being “free”.
Well our friend became a cult figure, but here you can see how the- times -they -are-a-changin’. Now such a guy would be hunted down and jailed for child abuse!

So this lonely skipper decides to grit his teeth, and continue to the Horn and beyond. No 20 young girls in straw skirts! Not even one. No life on a beach, no Paradise. Just get the boat around the Cape and then further!

Home is Paradise.

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