The leg to Iceland

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14068098_1085708691466179_3992031161485059758_nThe leg to Iceland was meant to find wind and cold in preparation of the Deep South of the Vendee Globe. In fact Iceland experienced the nicest and warmest summer in many years! Nevertheless it was worth it both from a training view as from working little things on the job list. And of course from the touristical view.

No Way Back and part of the shore team were warmly welcomed and there was a real interest in the boat, the VG etc.
We were able to compare design notes of Imoca and Viking ships. 

Iceland’s television also showed interest and visited the boat 2x and interviewed the skipper……..will this all lead to an Icelandic Challenge for a future Vendee Globe?

Now off direction Azores and then France. The North Atlantic weather looks very quiet, let’s see.
So far: Iceland good bye, see you again!

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