Roaring Forties

In News Archive by No Way Back

at 11.30 utc
pos 48*53.7 S 48*42.5 W
speed 18-25 kn

Goodbye Screaming Fifties, hello Roaring Forties. And roar they do!
I have 3rd reef and Jib3 up and cannot depower enough. Flying. The banging and smashing worries me.
Not for the fillings that may fall out of my teeth. No,no. Not for the teeth that might fall out of my jaws.
No, no. Not for the jawbones thatmay fall out of my head. No, no. I am worried that my head will fall off my torso. What movements !
Because of the AEZ-iceline just parallel to me I cannot bear off which makes it quite hard at times. Wind speeds 33kn gusting 43kn. Angle rather sharp so incredible banging in to the waves.
Can’t wait to leave the Screaming Forties behind me and welcome the Dirty Thirties .
For now a few days of no rest little food little drinking.
Difficult, but fast.