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From No Way Back, Dutchman Pieter Heerema said his progress wasn’t bad, “except that yesterday most of the day it was extremely light and extremely shifty. The wind was coming from everywhere and nowhere and I didn’t get very far. Since yesterday evening the wind has become a bit more consistent and I have been moving again.” This morning he was seeing an east northeasterly wind that had built to 15 knots, the fog of the last few days now mostly gone. Last night, Heerema said, was stable enabling to catch up on sleep.
A life-long racing sailor this is Heerema’s first major singlehanded race and he says he is enjoying this aspect of it, although it is a lot harder when things go wrong. “Normal sailing is no problem, but when something happens you have to do everything by yourself. Like yesterday I twice caught some fishermen’s buoys and it was a hassle to get them off – you had to run from the tiller to the back of the boat and down the side, etc.”
Heerema is less looking forward to the upwind sailing that lies ahead as No Way Back has no foil in her port side. She will therefore be underpowered and making leeway whenever she sails on starboard tack. “That definitely will make the boat slower. In light weather it doesn’t matter so much. We’ll just have to see. We are in a group of four or five boats that are all a bit crippled, but it’s the same for all of us. Generally it is all going well. There is just a long way to go. And there’s NO WAY BACK is there?!”

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