A strange track

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Pieter’s track today has been somewhat strange of late. Earlier today an electrical fire broke out onboard. The source of which was one of the alternators. He used one of the three extinguishers onboard to put out the fire. However as this was a powder extinguisher it created a chaotic amount of mess. After a few hours of cleaning he has now restarted the main batteries and luckily the charging system from the secondary alternator works. So that you know; without the electrics the navigation system does not work, no way to charge the emergency sat phone and worst of all, no autopilot. If it had been the alternator cable nearest the fuel line, then who knows what would have happened. I have just talked to Pieter. He will continue his trip to Newport, unfortunately with delay but with full confidence. Pieter thanks everyone involved and especially Antoine Mermod, his No Way Back team leader for his help and support. Full Speed Ahead with spirits high once more!