Update, position 45*34 S 39*51 W

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at 16.00 utc

position 45*34 S 39*51 W
heading ENE
speed 16 kn

All fine o/b

The last 2-3 days I have been sailing in beautiful sunshine. The sun itself is quite strong but the air -and especially the water – was still very cold as I was sailing along a flow of water coming from the cold Antatic South. Inside the boat it did not get above 8*C.
Yesterday evening a huge swell built up from behind, making me worry something was brewing that I had not spotted on the weather charts. Had the thought of being in the Atlantic made me complacent?. But it died away again and all I have now is windwaves. After a little lull this morning the wind direction has changed a bit and wind speed is back up so I am moving again at 15-18 kn in the right direction.
Suddenly from one hour to the next the temperature changed, probably warmer water. Cabin temperature now 15*C which is a lot more pleasant.
What also changed suddenly is that I am not escorted any longer by albatros. Fantastic, majestic, big birds. Must be the most economical and energy efficient bird in this world. You never, ever see it flap it’s wings they just soar, glide, bank left, bank right, up, down going wherever they want by just slightly adjusting the tips of their wings. No
flapping, no energy wasted. Masterfully riding the updraft of the wind blowing over the waves. Everything in unruffled, fully controlled slow motion. It looks a bit like a Jumbo 747 doing aerobatics.
Albatros seem to live on the ocean, hardly ever visiting land . What they eat is a mystery to me, I have never seen one dive down to catch a fish.
Now I am accompanied by smaller more agile birds, Petrels ?, good flyers but without the justified arrogance of the albatros. King of the South.

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