Update, position 28*58 N 37*13 W

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at 12.30 utc
position 28*58 N 37*13 W
heading N,NNW
speed average 11 kn19

Most fabulous sailing weather: breeze of 11 kn, good comfortable angle, cool air, warm sun, what more to ask for? Just above the latitude of Lanzarote, but many 100 nm more West.
Hoping I can keep enough distance to the big Azores High. I had hoped it would have moved a bit more N and specially E, but not so. So sailing max low with keeping decent speed.
Really enjoying the sailing. Mainsail problem not an issue anymore.

Only issue (of course ) is that the emergency B&G set up on the pole is becoming unreliable. Certainly at night not good. It worked for a few days, that is already pretty good for B&G……
I have o/b from B&G : radar/gps/2 electronic compasses/autopilots/instruments/ plotter screen/ 4 remote wireless pilot controls . All, literally ALL of that is B&G junk. Nothing works as it should, most is completely dead. The most expensive brand, intelligent but overcomplicated software and functions, but quality? The bottom of the bottom.

Unbelievable how financial owners (Swedish PE ) can destroy willingly and knowingly a reputation that was built up over many years. It is what private equity and monomanic focus on (short term) financial results only, does to a nice little company.
Maybe all of us boaters should use the coming boat shows (Stockholm, Amsterdam-HISWA and other shows ) to make our point: we are fed up with Mickey Mouse boating equipment, still costing a fortune, of terrible quality. Rub their noses in their own dirt! Let’s have some fun!

Have a nice weekend ,



  1. Hans Zuiderbaan

    Dear Pieter,
    Indeed it is a bloody shame theta such a beautiful tradition of indestructible sailing instruments is ruined. I did not react until now but I want to express my admiration for the way you are making your dreams come true. Enjoy the fair weather for as long as it lasts and come home safely in the coming days.
    Good luck and fair sailing
    Hans Zuiderbaan

  2. Frank Geerdink

    Dear Pieter,

    what an incredible achievement is your undertaking. I admire every bit of you are doing. Ferocious determination and stamina of mind is what you stand for. Stay well, enjoy you final stretch of this incredible journey. You will always be on my mind for knowing when one’s mind is put to work, all can be achieved, with a little luck of course. Please do celebrate your arrival in splendor as arriving is the target set and nearly touched.

    With deepest admiration and cheers from a fellow sailor,
    Frank Geerdink

  3. Johan Huiskamp.

    Goedemorgen Pieter Heerema,

    Geweldig wat je hebt gepresteerd en je doorzettingsvermpogen! Ondanks alle problemen ben je al zover gekomen!
    Wens je nog veel zeilplezier voor de laatste mijlen.

    Johan Huiskamp.

  4. Johan Hepping

    Vorig jaar maart gezellig gebabbeld aan de kade In Puerto Calero en de ” No Way Back” bewonderd. Volg dagelijks meerdere malen (met de grootste bewondering) de vorderingen. Geweldig. Heb geen ervaring met B&G equipment. Wel met financieel gedreven firma’s. Het woord klant elke 20 minute gebruikt als de keuken wekker afgaat. Staat in de taak omschrijving. Hou vol en success met de laatste 1000 mijl.!

    Johan Hepping

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