Update from the Doldrums

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At 11.45 utc ( and all hours and days after this till next Christmas. Or 2x Christmas, so 2018, if I am unlucky)

Position: in the parking lot. The gate is closed and the guard is on holiday. A very long holiday. Actually he has left his job and took the keys, so no one can get out.

Speed: non existent.

Heading: tell me, it is whatever you want, I am going round and round in circles.

Luckily V-E-R-Y slowly, otherwise I would get sick. But maybe I should go round and round much more quickly to be thrown out of here by the centrifugal forces?
Well the only force here is the rain. Lots and lots of rain. If this was not the ocean it would be the tropical rainforest. Jungle.

I would love to tell you all is well, but I would be lying. All is humid, mouldy and hot.

See you all in 2 years. Please send food, drinks and girls. The essentials.


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