Some questions from Anwen (aged 7)

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15241219_1168435686526812_9116826892322743677_nPieter Heerema received this nice message from Anwen:

To Pieter.

I hope you are enjoying your race. Every morning I check how you’re doing with my mother. It must be very exciting and scary! Hope your back is better. What do you eat when you’re sailing? And where do you sleep, it looks quite small? Fair winds to you in the Antarctic.

From Anwen (age 7) Klaas’ house sister at Atlantic College, Wales

This was his response:

How nice to hear from you. And what a fantastic drawing you have made! You surely have been studying the picture and videos closely. Should you ever want to do it away, don’t just chuck it in the bin; I would be happy to have it!

As to your Q’s :

  • Sleeping I do on either side of the boat.A sort of bed (very simple, light and not so comfy as yours, I bet 🙂 hangs in the side of he boat. Getting in and out
    is a bit of a gymnastic exercise as it is high up, the boat is usually heeled over and jumps and bangs over the waves.
  • Eating , well Anwen , that depends a bit on where I am , what the outside temperature is. In the heat you don’t need or want much, certainly not hot
    food. Soon in the cold nearer to the South pole and Antatica’s ice you need loads of food as the body needs fuel to keep warm.
    What I eat: breakfast muesli or porridge or some sort of bread or Knackebrod (the Swedish crackers), for lunch he same or a hot meal , dinner a hot meal , or
    now in the heat a hot meal that I donot warm up. So a cold meal 😉The hot meals are either freeze-dried meals (you have to add hot/boiling water to it ) or ready made meals that stay wel over time. These you can eat hot or
    cold. Basically it is often called “astronauts grub” , but more correct is that it is food for outdoors people camping far away from civilisation.
    To try in 100 days not to be short of vitamines, minerals, proteins etc , I have various supplements, powders, pills etc .

Hope this answers your Q’s, if any more let me know and I will try to explain.

All the best,

Pieter ( Klaas’ Dad )

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