On the way out again

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On the way out again. Shore team with help of some local boatbuilders did a magnificent job all through the night, even though it was a USA holiday ( Memorial Day). NWB came in as one of the last and left as one of the first the “graveyard” of Imoca’s. About half the fleet had repairs to do, more or less the average of 30 years VG……

NWB has a damaged foil that was removed, a small crack in the foilcase which was laminated. Last hit was most probably a whale as we found fat on the foil…..
Further the hole through which the foil slides in and out of the hull has been closed off so is now watertight.
On the return crossing I will be “on one wing”; the damaged foil returns to Europe in a container.
Resuming racing although of course at the back of the fleet.
A great applause to the shore team and many thanks to Newport Shipyard

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