Just now:

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Just now:

had a beautiful fast night, even on the side with no foil. Very tropical warm and a bit humid air. Nearly flat water.

Remarkable how much more docile and quiet the boat is without foils: I can normally move around and there is not the high pitched whining sound like a jet engine from the 60’s.

To say it differently:

The difference between having by the tail a crazy schizofrenic and hungry tiger and a warm and friendly purring pussycat in your lap.
Mostly all good o/b, only problem is a stopped watermaker. Hope to get it going again or would have to do some very stringent rationing :-(((
Pos at 07,00 utc: 38*11 N 63*16 W , course 80*-95* depending
windshifts, speed average 14 kn.


Pieter No Way Back

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