Crossing the equator

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At exactly 20.00utc No Way Back crossed the equator at 028*57 W.

That is in 13days and 7 hours after les Sables.
The skipper had -in honour of King Neptune and all other gods of the seas and oceans- showered and put on fresh clothes.

A offer of real “Fru Nielssen” was given to the Master of the Oceans and his help for a safe trip was requested.

As Pieter has already crossed the Equator on several earlier occasions, Neptune agreed to let him pass without the ritual of dirt and goop.

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  1. Jan

    Skipper Pieter, you look happy, comfortable and well shaven, Congratulations! Keep the spirit up and safe sailing.

  2. Paul de Backer

    Beste Pieter,
    Helaas heb ik niet zoveel zee ervaring, maar ik volg je met belangstelling.
    Als ondernemer heb je het roer in handen en een blik op de toekomst.
    Prima eigenschappen.
    Als zeiler, maar ook als oud-ondernemer blijf ik je volgen.
    Veel succes.

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