At 9.00 gmt | position 38*58 S 087*58 E | heading East | speed average 15 kn | wind 28-32kn

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At 9.00 gmt | position 38*58 S 087*58 E | heading East | speed average 15 kn | wind 28-32kn

At the moment blue sky

The Monster strikes again!
Luckily I was sailing under autopilot in compass mode, but on the
instruments it was clearly visible: again an uncontrolled spike of 20* windshift that in reality did not happen. Had we been in wind mode …… scary to want to really think about. But the pilot would have immediately followed that new info.

So it was not or not only the mastangle indicator. What then? The
difficulty is that it happens only now and then. Can be 24, even 36 hours in between. But with the boat and wind speeds and the huge waves out here, combined with the huge distances to anywhere……( or from anywhere ) it is too dangerous to just let it happen again.

Another problem is that the discussion goes via email to and email fro. If there is a unclarity in the mail it can easily take one or two hours to proceed one mini step. Then there is the time difference, probably some 6 or 7 hours with France and you see progress is limited.

Of course there are other issues, like what is commitment and interest of the equipment manufacturer? B&G (Breaks and Goesnot) have so far not showed to have any understanding of the issue. Don’t even know if they are involved at all. From here looking at the French side it looks like very little focussed consultation to get the problem solved. Who cares who comes
up with the solution? I just need THE solution!

Get the brains together in one room , lock it and the brains are only let out when the solution has been found!
Not this haphazard trial and error sh**.

It is so sad , it takes all the fun away and also again, actually now for 5 weeks or more I cannot go full speed. Also so sad for the shore team who have otherwise prepared a good boat.


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