At 6.30 utc | position 39*33 S 060*31 E | heading 120* | speed 10kn

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After the front passage yesterday it became real nice.Last night was fabulous: wind, h-u-g-e swell, not like mountains but like moutain
ranges so big, but without “teeth”, so nice, big, smooth: a bit older.

Sounds familiar? 😉 Fantastic full moon made it a splashing orgie of silver light and boat speed.
Very early this morning on top of the L it got rougher and the last bit I am experiencing now. It should all even out soon though and give the opportunity to speed up again.

Happy with my choice to make the detour North to avoid the strongest of the fronts and L’s even if the price has been more distance to the pack ahead.

Autopilot did very well in the big swell at high speed last night and the rudders are also now proven under control, so hopefully the second part of the Indian Ocean will be quicker.

All good.
Have a nice day,

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